Nature Quotes

When I take photos, I feel that something more could be added. Lots of times I think of meaningful quotes that fit the photo. Some are really special to me. I hope these touch the hearts of others. To those who left comments and viewed my gallery, thank you, comments are much appreciated, if you know any great quotes to use, leave them in the comment section and I will try to use them, thanks .... Ron "" Some have spelling errors but my intent is good, going back and changing is quite a process... " Thanks for your remarks, much appreciated.... You people are amazing, thanks for such nice thought-full comment you have left..."Note I try to find quotes on the net. or anyone that wants one used... I try to give credit to those that wrote them... I do not make any money on any photos. Just try to bring enjoyment to whoever reads them... The response is so appreciated...When a quote is made my someone, I thank you so much... they make this gallery for what it is... Thanks Ron
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